Advanced Features for Safe Transport Underg...

Becker Mining South Africa’s Alrode manufacturing plant has commenced production of a chairlift system that will be installed at Tau Lekoa Gold Mining Company’s mine near Orkney, in North West Province.

“This contract encompasses the supply and installation of a new 180 m length chairlift system, which will run between the 800 and 900 levels and will operate at an inclination of 34°,” says Tom Searle, Becker Mining SA. “A 22 kW streamlined drive unit, with geometric precision for maximum use of balance and design strength, will be installed at the bottom of the decline. The installation will be footwall mounted.

“Becker’s robust chairlift systems, with the latest technology and manufacturing trends, meet stringent quality and safety regulations in the mining sector. These modular, low maintenance chairlift systems are designed to transport up to 900 personnel per hour, quickly, efficiently and safely in all underground applications, including difficult mining conditions.” Safety features include a rope slip sensor and fail-safe brake system, as well as a passenger override sensor and an intelligent pull key system. This system can be supplied with dependable diesel driven generator sets to ensure safety in the event of power outages. Installation of this chairlift system will be completed in December 2017 and commissioning will take place early in 2018.

Novokuznetsk City Birthday

Novokuznetsk city of Kemerovo region, where Russian subsidiary of Becker Group is located, celebrated its 399th birthday. Novokuznetsk is one of the oldest Siberian cities. It was founded in 1618. Now Novokuznetsk is one of the largest metallurgical and coal mining centers of Russia.

Traditionally on this day there were mass festive events organized in the city. In the morning of the festive day, several columns marched along the city streets, each column showing a unique character and spirit of Novokuznetsk.

Becker Mining Systems RUS was invited by Novokuznetsk City Administration to take part in the festive march as a young and perspective company, which is an important part of Novokuznetsk business world. 

Employees of Becker Mining Systems RUS were happy to take part in the festive event. BMS RUS was a part of the column named Progressive Novokuznetsk, which consisted of 13 industrial enterprises of the city. It was the first experience of mass march and representation of the company on the city level for BMS RUS. On this day, employees experienced positive emotions and had a chance to communicate with colleagues in informal surroundings. We are sure that the march on the City Day is going to become our good tradition, and next year BMS RUS will take part in the celebration of the city’s 400th birthday.

SmartBlast® System in the International Mi...

Our remote blasting system SmartBlast® of Becker Varis Ltd. has been featured in this month's August issue of International Mining Magazine.

"Becker Varis Ltd. is a leader in underground blasting systems through its SmartBlast® product line. Working in conjunction with the Leaky Feeder system, using the latest microprocessor and message encoding and validation technology –SmartBlast® provides a safe, reliable and accurate remote blast initiation system."





The key features of our SmartBlast® system include:

  • PC based controlled or remote controlled
  • Maximum capacity of 64 remote units
  • Seismic Monitoring
  • Programmable firing sequence


Exclusively attached for our visitors you'll find the "Explosives and Delivery" article of this month's issue of the International Mining Magazine (IM). For a full version of the August issue please contact or


(You may want to start reading just above left of our SmartBlast® firing devices on page 1)




SAIMM Conference 2017

From June, 6th - 7th, the SAIMM Mine Planning Colloquim 2017 took place in Randburg, Johannesburg (South Africa).

Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd. exhibited our latest innovations in the field of Proximity Detection (PDS) and Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) at the conference. The conference has evolved over the last years and has become a fixed date on every key player's agenda. Bringing together Mining students with industry leader's, SAIMM Mine Planning conference is an event for interesting discussions and exchange of ideas.

Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd. - a key supplier of safety and communications technologies to the mining sector - has developed and advanced proximity detection systems (PDS) and collision avoidance systems (CAS) for nearly 20 years,” says Andrew Trentelman, Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd.. “The company’s patented tri-technology point of detection system, which delivers unrivalled protection and scalability in proximity systems, conforms to stringent South African legislation regarding interactions between personnel and TMMs for the hard rock and coal mining industry. “This is the only underground system available globally which combines these three technologies - UHF, radar and electromagnetic - into one scalable system.”

Becker’s modular CAS solutions encompass all aspects of the most advanced mining communications and technology. A key advantage, is the Becker MineView software visualisation package allows for mine-wide integration with all SCADA-related systems, as well as real-time location and resource management systems provided by the Becker Mining Systems Group.

The conference was organised by the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) and involved company exhibits, as well as a series of presentations and discussion sessions on the development and implementation of PDS and CAS for underground and surface mobile machinery.


For more information go to:

Pictured below from far left: Andrew Trentelman and Ken Quick (Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd., Max Brinckman (Becker Mining Systems AG)


On June 6-9th the 24th edition of the UGOL ROSSII & MINING trade fair took place in Novokuznetsk. The annual trade fair marks the peak on the Russian mining exhibition agenda.

OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS, the Russian subsidiary of Becker Mining Systems AG, takes part in the exhibition every year and once again presented not only the well-known established Becker Mining product range, but was also honoured to showcase the group's latest innovations.

OOO BMS RUS today produces a wide range of Becker Mining products according to German quality standards at its own production site in Novokuznetsk. At this year's exhibition the Becker Diesel Locomotive of  the Russian production was shown for the first time. It was produced according to original technology standars of the production plant of Becker-Warkop (Poland). The new locomotive is an analogue to the KPCS-95 Diesel Locomotive which has proven effective in many installations over the years and has all its advantages: built-in braking system, unmatched climbing performance, reinforced structure of the drive unit, dry cooling system and the use in particularly difficult route sections where utmost reliability is required.

Another new product and the main premiere at the UGOLROSSII & MINING 2017 from Becker Mining Group was the new generation energy ditribution equipment of ENDIS4.0CS 4000 compact station. It has been developed on the basis of over 50 years of experience in operation and thorough analysis of customers’ requirements from all over the world. Giving customers almost unlimited choice of configurations for their compact stations. At the same time customers have the possibility of updating their existing equipment. Following new requirements, ENDIS4.0 compact stations are able to solve tasks of local automation, integration into existing control systems, and to transfer data to the surface.

In addition OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS showcased the following products:

  • Smartsense SSFM-100 gas sensor which is an "all-in-all” device, that can measure up to 4 gases at a time and can also function as a master controller

  • ICAS surface collision avoidance system

  • BWKO explosion proof camera which allows to receive video images from hazardous areas with methane and/or coal dust
  • BWSM mediastation for control, visualization and data transfer from hazardous areas with methane and/or coal dust

  • WLAN SMART-EX01M smartphone based on Android.

OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS also hosted its partners for high quality chain hoists produced by German company KITO Europe GmbH and for plunger pumps produced by KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG.

State-of-art products and highly motivated professionals made booth #67 a big succes at this year's exhibition. Acting in the interest of its customers, OOO BMS RUS aims to establish long term relations with clients, providing them with a high level quality service. The Company aims at delivering a wide range of convenient and safe equipment that is able to work efficiently in difficult environments and extreme conditions of Russian mining companies. Employees regularly improve their skills in training programs, both in Russia and at the group's production plants in Europe.


A big "Thank You" to all our visitors and employees at this year's exhibition for their interest and engagement shown. We were happy for many lively discussions and to receive your feedback on our showcased products.

We already look forward to seeing you at next year's exhibition Ugol Rossii & Mining 2018!

SmartFlow® Presentation

On March, 31, 2017 Jesús Flores Medina and Adrian Villagrana Veyna presented the SmartFlow® system, the latest development of Lasec Telecomunicaciones S.A.P.I. de C.V..

SmartFlow® is a real-time data information system for mine wide localisation and visualisation via tagging&tracking. The system has recently been installed at the Tizapa Mine, which is mainly owned by Peñoles Group. Our clients have worked with a stable and reliable system since. The data provided by the SmartFlow® system has not only been used to detect safety related risks but also to optimise production processes and material flows.

The system and its first succesful implementation were presented to the Clúster Minero de Zacatecas (CLUSMIN) where entrepreneurs, managers and state representatives of the state of Zacatecas have gathered to share their mining knowledge, push local businesses and generate new innovations. With their innovations in the area of smart safety devices and integrated data informations Lasec Telecomunicaciones S.A.P.I. de C.V. contributes significantly to the local business sector.


For more information on our SmartFlow® system contact:

Adrian Villagrana Veyna

and visit:


CLUSMIN on Facebook

Sophisticated material handling equipment s...

Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd. supplies South African Mines with sophisticated material handling equipment provided by KITO Group.

The robust Kito ER2 hoists are to be installed at various pump stations underground and can be used for the installation and maintenance of dewatering pumps and motors. Motorised trolleys ensure smooth, precise traversing and positioning.

“Kito equipment, which meets stringent quality and safety specifications, is known for efficient performance, low maintenance and extended service life. The strength and reliability of these hoists is in the sophisticated design and a meticulous manufacturing process,” says Rick Jacobs, Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd.. “The series has been designed with an inverter as standard in a dual speed hoist and trolley for improved efficiency, enhanced safety and easy operation. A double safety mechanism, consisting of a friction clutch and an upper-lower limit switch, ensures optimum safety and prevents hoist or load chain damage. The electromagnetic brake ensures strong braking power, while holding the load securely and push button controls offer enhanced operator comfort and reduced fatigue.”

High strength, nickel plated load chain increases resistance to wear and corrosion. The forged carbon steel hook has been designed to open gradually and will not fracture under excessive load. Top and bottom hooks are equipped with a hook latch and the bottom hook swivels 360 degrees to prevent kinking and twisting of the load chain.

Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd. offers the complete range of Kito equipment including wire rope hoists and powered and manual chain hoists, lever blocks and specially designed accessories. Kito hoists have an incredible capacity range maxing at 63 tons for wire rope hoists. Every product is also RoHS compliant, which means there are no harmful materials used for the design.

For more information contact:

Rick Jacobs at

KITO Group


Presentation to mining engineering students...

On February 10, 2017, Christof Schuh, Senior Project Engineer at Becker Mining Europe GmbH, together with represantatives of Eurotalc s.r.o. and Prof. Dr. Sofranco held a presentation for some 50 engineering students and postgraguates of the BERG faculty (Faculta Banictva, Ekologie, Riadenia, a Geotechnologii) at the Technical University of Kosice.

Mr. Schuh presented the entire range of products currently offered by the Becker Mining Systems Group and showcased the latest project in collaboration with Eurotalc s.r.o.. Their Slovakian talc mine Gemerska Poloma (just about 70km west of Kosice) has recently been equipped with state-of-the-art underground communication technology of Becker SmartCom®.

It was a good presentation with very interesting talks and discussions from fresh minds pushing into the industry and we want to thank all attendees for their participation and interest in this showcase. We look forward to future project presentations at the Technical University of Kosice.

For more information contact:

Christoph Schuh -

Eurotalc             -




A mechanized complex produced by Becker-Warkop has been put into operation at Kakanj Mine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2016 an agreement was signed between Elektroprivreda BiH (Bosnia i Herzegovina) and Becker-Warkop (Poland) regarding the delivery of a mechanized complex for Kakanj Mine. The purchase of the equipment has been financed with means intended for recapitalization of EPBiH mines. Kakanj Mine belongs to the Bosnia state energy company Elektroprivreda BiH. Besides, EPBiH manages six other coal mines - Breza, Gracanica, Abid Lolic, Kreka, Djurdjevik and Zenica. Becker-Warkop was chosen as a supplier of a mechanized complex for mining of coal beds of Kakanj Mine as a result of the tender.

On July 19th, 2016 acceptance and testing of the purchased equipment took place at Becker-Warkop's production plant in Świerklany (Poland). As a result of the tests, all required characteristics were confirmed. The hydromechanized support delivered to Kakanj Mine was tested for 60 000 working cycles and consists of the following equipment:

  • hydromechanized support BW 15/36 POz (80 pcs.) produced by Becker-Warkop;

  • face conveyor PZS BW 230/750 produced by Becker-Warkop;

  • reloader PZP BW 230/750 produced by Becker-Warkop

  • crusher KDBW 800-1200 produced by Becker-Warkop

  • Combined machine SL-300 produced by Eickhoff.

Numerous delegations from Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the official ceremony of putting the equipment into operation at Kakanj Mine, which took place in February 15th, 2017. Throughout February the complex had worked in testing mode and at the end of the month the testing period successfully ended. The work of the new mechanized complex provides:

  • increase of safety level of mining works,

  • consistency of underground development,

  • increase of efficiency and cost effectiveness of production,

  • fulfilment of planned production in order to satisfy demands of the city power stations.

Planned production of Kakanj Mine's breaking face is 2000 tons/day. Main mining and geological characteristics of the face, in which the complex is operated are the following: mineable seam thickness – 3.2 m, face length – 120 m, extraction column length – 500 m, seam inclination – up to 8°. It is expected that, thanks to the new mining equipment, the mine is going to extract 200 000 tons of coal until the end of the year! Hydromechanized support produced by Becker-Warkop is a chock-shield support intended for high efficiency mechanized complexes. It has been designed and produced according to the latest technical and technological achievements, based on German construction documents.

The key advantage of the Becker-Warkop support is the strict design in accordance with the customer’s production cycle and according to operation conditions. The support system fully meets safety and ergonomics requirements. Compactness, as well as the large area of contact with the roof and absolute control over the support provide a precise face operation. A passage in front of the shields provides safety and greater comfort for miners working at the face. The support uniqueness has been achieved thanks to the use of special steel grade, which allows reducing the support’s weight in comparison with its competitors, which reduces cost and effort to bring the material to its actual workplace.

Throughout 2017, Becker-Warkop plans to deliver another mechanized complex to Zenica Mine, which also belongs to Bosnia state energy company.


For more Information also visit:

Elektroprivreda BiH

Becker Warkop