Exhibition in Regional Administration in th...

On November 23rd the 62nd Council of People’s Deputies conference of Kemerovo Region was held in Kemerovo`s Regional Administration. Deputies of Regional Council and State Duma, members of Board of Regional Administration, heads of cities and districts, councils of people’s deputies of municipalities and non-governmental organizations as well as leaders of trade unions took part in the event.

In the conference´s context the Kemerovo Region exhibition of companies´ was held, in which Becker Mining Systems RUS took part. The company presented information materials regarding mining products produced at the own production facilities in Novokuznetsk. Among them are diesel hydraulic locomotive KP-95, elements of monorail, fuel stations, air locks, hydraulic lifting beams, tranportation containers, rollers, etc.

During the conference the Governor of Kemerovo region took floor with a budget message and reported about the results of the Regional Administration activity in 2017. He focused on the regions` main industry which is coal mining.  Besides the long crisis which is connected with sharp drop of coal prices 2012-2015, no enterpise was hut down in Kuzbass, and new ones were built. In 2017 coal miners invested in the development of the industry 63 bln rubles – this is 4,6 bln more than previous year. Thus, two new open pits were established: "Trudarmeyskiy-Yuzhny" and "Karachiyakskiy" (open-working division of Taylepskaya Mine"), as well as two new mines: Tikhova and Uvalnaya.

After the official part, participants of the conference took the opportunity to interact with the represented companies at the exhibition. We are grateful to the Administration  for the invitation to take part in the exhibition and showcase some of our products. BMS RUS supports policy of import substitution and strives to deliver most convenient and safe equipment which is able to work efficiently in difficult mining and geological conditions of Russian mines.

China Coal & Mining Expo 2017

The Becker Mining Systems® Group was represented at this years China Coal & Mining Expo 2017 in Beijing, China, through its subsidiaries Tianjin Becker Electronic® Co. Ltd. and Becker Mining Systems® China Co. Ltd..

With over a 100.000 visitors in 4 days China Coal & Mining Expo represents the most important mining show in the asian and south east asian market and has become one of the top shows in the world. The show is generally organized into 4 Pavillions and Tianjin Becker Electronic® Co. Ltd. was honoured to be the only foreign lead company able to be represented in the China Pavilion. Most of the Becker Mining Systems® Group's product portfolio, as well as chain hoist equipment of our partner KITO® GROUP was accessible on the stand:


  • MineTrans® rack and pionion drive monorail
  • Mincos® automation product range
  • Parts of the SmartCom® product range
  • Endis® Engery Distribution products with the new Endis® 4.0
  • KITO® Chain hoist equipment

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wegener, the group's CFO, was honoured to represent the Becker Mining Systems® Group as part of the 2017 China Coal &Mining Expo official opening ceremony alongside with top level chinese politicians and entrepreneurs.

With many visitors, customers and new contacts every day, the show was a complete success.

A big thank you to our employees, who made this show a special event

through their continued hard work in the weeks before and during the event!




近日,第十七届中国国际煤炭采矿技术交流及设备展览会在中国北京举办。德国贝克集团携其子公司天津贝克电气有限公司和贝克(中国)矿山设备有限公司亮相该展。作为世界顶级展会之一,同样也是亚洲和东南亚市场最重要的矿展,短短4天内吸引了近10万人次观众前来参观。本次展会由4个展馆组成,天津贝克电子有限公司荣幸成为唯一能够在中国馆参展的外资龙头企业。 贝克集团本届参展展品涵盖了大部分贝克集团的系列产品以及合作伙伴KITO集团的链式起重设备:

  • 矿用辅助运输设备齿轨单轨吊车 MineTrans®
  • 自动控制产品系列 Mincos®
  • 通讯产品部件 SmartCom®
  • 传统开关产品及新型开关产品 Endis®
  • 链式起重设备 KITO®

      Wolfgang Wegener教授 博士, 作为贝克集团首席财务官荣幸地代表贝克集团与众多政府要员和业内知名企业家一起出席了本届中国煤炭博览会开幕式。 我们的展会现场更是人气爆棚。 4天时间内, 每天都有数不尽的到访者,客户以及对我们产品感兴趣的人,其中很多参观者也借此机会留下了联系方式。 我们的展会之所以能够取得圆满成功和我们员工充分的准备和不懈的努力是离不开的。


ООО BMS RUS took part in the Mine Perm E...

From October 10 to 13, the specialized exhibition for modern technologies and special equipment for extraction and processing of ore and minerals, Rudnik-2017, took place in Perm, Russia. The Rudnik Expo has been a unique place for presenting new products, constructive negotiations and the conclusion of contracts for OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS. This Year over 90 exhibitors took part in the show.

The main topics were as follows:

  • Underground Mining
  • Drifting
  • Overburden Mining and First Workings
  • Output
  • Support Erection
  • Flushing of workings
  • Carting 
  • Transport, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Open-pit workings
  • Deep-drilling
  • Cleaning plants

OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS is the only subsidiary of the German Becker Mining Systems Group on the territory of Russia and it was part of the show for the second time.

Main Products presented at the show were the KE1008DEV compact switch gear station, a joint production with OOO SUEK-Khakassia, and premium hoist equipment of our Partner KITO Group.

OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS says Thank You to all the visitors and for the interest in our products.

We will be happy to receive feedback from you regarding our equipment.

BMS RUS celebrates its 7th birthday

On the first weekend of October OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS celebrated two holidays at once – the company’s Birthday and Miner’s Day, which is a Russian holiday celebrated in the week before.

The history of OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS began 7 years ago, when OOO Becker Mining Transport Systems was founded. It then was in charge of the group's transportation product portfolio. Later, in 2014, in order to organize a convenient system for customers' support as well as to provide complex solutions to satisfy the customers’ needs, Becker Mining Systems AG decided to join the two subsidiaries of the Becker Mining Systems Group on the territory of the Russian Federation – OOO Becker Mining Transport Systems and OOO Becker Mining Systems Siberia - in order to form one large entity. The new company OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS has since been responsible for the entire range of the Group's entire product portfolio. During these 7 years the company has been growing continuosly with an increased turnover year after year.  

OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS 7th birthday was a fun and social event. Employees of all departments of the company took part in the preparation for the event. The holiday was held outdoor and, even if the weather was rainy, everybody was in great mood. Each department prepared snacks and dishes and entertainments for the guests. There were quizzes about the company's history, funny foretellings and a lot of other exciting contests. Cooking talents of employees are also worth mentioning; there were a lot of exquisite dishes, and some of them were cooked during the event on the open fire.

The holiday was fun and employees liked the holiday’s unusual format. It was a chance to meet in an informal atmosphere.

Our clients can be reassured, that there's nothing, we at OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS cannot solve as a united team!

SUEK Training Workshop for Power Engineers

In the beginning of August, in the city of Kazan, a training workshop for power engineers of AO SUEK took place within the program “Increasing efficiency of the energy complex of an enterprise”.  This event was held by AO SUEK for the fourth consecutive time in a different Russian city.

This year, employees of OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS were invited as third party speakers and specialized experts in the field of power equipment. OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS specialists presented both, new and well-known developments of the Becker Mining Systems Group:

  • Energy Distribution System - ENDIS 4.0

  • Surface Collision Avoidance System – ICAS

  • Proximity Detection System - PDS.

The first report of Becker specialists was devoted to the new generation of power electric equipment - Endis 4.0 product line, which was developed based on over 50 years of experience in operation and thorough consumer analysis all over the world. The audience learnt about new features introduced in the well-known and well-proven Endis equipment. First of all: flexibility and universality. Now a consumer has almost unlimited choice of configurations for compact stations, and it is possible to adjust the equipment for solving different tasks.  At the same time, well known and highly appreciated features of the ENDIS range, which have been mentioned by miners from around the world have been preserved – quick-opening doors and modular design.

The second report, which was of great interest for the audience, was devoted to the ICAS Surface Collision Avoidance System. The system is intended for early warning of a driver and personnel of approaching vehicles or fixed objects. The core of the system is a reliable GPS technology, which provides circle protection of equipment, definition of all surrounding equipment and fixed infrastructure, which is also equipped with ICAS-products.

Within protection and alarm zones, vehicles and infrastructure are virtually represented on the driver's displays, in order to reduce the number of accidents due to a lack of awareness of the situation and insufficient time for reaction.

The last report was devoted to the important topic of underground safety. PDS Proximity Detection System was developed to prevent damages and fatal accidents of miners, who are within dangerous proximity of working mining vehicles. The system provides early warning to a vehicle’s driver in case of presence and number of workers and other vehicles in close proximity. The system provides two-way warning and informs of potential collisions. Patented three-technology system (UHF, radar and electro-magnetic field) provides a scalable system, which is suitable for all types of tasks. As this is the only system in the world, which uses all three technologies at once, it is the most reliable and robust product on the market. The possibility to taylor your detection zone has proven on the market.

These topics raised great interest of over 30 employees of AO SUEK, taking part in this workshop.  The audience expressed their interest in Becker Mining equipment.

ООО Becker Mining Systems RUS is grateful to AO SUEK for the invitation to the workshop and great organization of the event!

Improved Becker diesel hydraulic locomotive...

Becker Mining Systems RUS delivered KPCS–95 suspended diesel hydraulic locomotive to Sherlovskaya-Naklonnaya Mine of Donugol Coal Company. The locomotive was improved by Becker specialists for required mine conditions: a possibility of power reduction to 36kW was added. The locomotive was put into operation and is successfully being used by miners in their everyday work.  

The suspended diesel hydraulic locomotive KPCS–95 is intended for transportation of people and materials in mine workings, which are gas and dust hazardous, along suspended monorails  I155, 200 и BWTU-50/100 with inclination angle of the road up to ±300.

Force exerted rating generated by one drive is 20 kN for friction version and 30 kN for rack-and-pinion version. There are 6 pulling hydraulic driving units.

In 2017, Donugol sent a technical inquiry for the delivery of KP-95 suspended haulage with the possibility of power reduction from 95kW to 36 kW. Becker specialists successfully improved this diesel hydraulic locomotive according to the customer’s request.

When developing this locomotive, special attention was paid to maintaining of functions. New software version was implemented in the haulage, which provides power reduction to 36 kW. New software provides steering of the locomotive with the use of full power (95 kW) or, after switching in the driver’s cabin with the button on the control panel, with reduced power to 36 kW.

After switching of the locomotive to steering with 36 kW power, the locomotive’s speed is limited proportionally to the power difference. The locomotive’s moves similarly to the motion in the mode of usual (unlimited) power. Pulling force and braking force do not change.

Changes implemented in KP-95 suspended haulage are in accordance with regulatory documents and requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 012/2011, which is confirmed by a Certificate of Conformity.

In 201, production of KPCS–95 diesel hydraulic locomotives in Russia has begun at BMS RUS premises in Novokuznetsk. The first diesel hydraulic locomotive of Russian production was shown at the fair Ugol Rossii & Mining. It was produced according to the original technology of the production plant of transport equipment of Becker Group - Becker-Warkop (Poland). The new locomotive is an analogue of KPCS-95 diesel locomotive, which has proved itself great and keeps all its advantages.

BMS RUS aims at delivering of as much convenient and safe equipment as possible, which is able to work efficiently in difficult natural and climatic conditions of Russian mines. For Becker, reduction of the locomotive’s power is a unique experience, and we are happy that customers trust us with their projects. In our turn, we work for the customers’ interest, are always eager to satisfy their demands, and meet their requirements when it is possible.  

We are grateful to Sherlovskaya-Naklonnaya Mine and UK Donugol for their trust in Becker equipment!

Advanced Features for Safe Transport Underg...

Becker Mining South Africa’s Alrode manufacturing plant has commenced production of a chairlift system that will be installed at Tau Lekoa Gold Mining Company’s mine near Orkney, in North West Province.

“This contract encompasses the supply and installation of a new 180 m length chairlift system, which will run between the 800 and 900 levels and will operate at an inclination of 34°,” says Tom Searle, Becker Mining SA. “A 22 kW streamlined drive unit, with geometric precision for maximum use of balance and design strength, will be installed at the bottom of the decline. The installation will be footwall mounted.

“Becker’s robust chairlift systems, with the latest technology and manufacturing trends, meet stringent quality and safety regulations in the mining sector. These modular, low maintenance chairlift systems are designed to transport up to 900 personnel per hour, quickly, efficiently and safely in all underground applications, including difficult mining conditions.” Safety features include a rope slip sensor and fail-safe brake system, as well as a passenger override sensor and an intelligent pull key system. This system can be supplied with dependable diesel driven generator sets to ensure safety in the event of power outages. Installation of this chairlift system will be completed in December 2017 and commissioning will take place early in 2018.

Novokuznetsk City Birthday

Novokuznetsk city of Kemerovo region, where Russian subsidiary of Becker Group is located, celebrated its 399th birthday. Novokuznetsk is one of the oldest Siberian cities. It was founded in 1618. Now Novokuznetsk is one of the largest metallurgical and coal mining centers of Russia.

Traditionally on this day there were mass festive events organized in the city. In the morning of the festive day, several columns marched along the city streets, each column showing a unique character and spirit of Novokuznetsk.

Becker Mining Systems RUS was invited by Novokuznetsk City Administration to take part in the festive march as a young and perspective company, which is an important part of Novokuznetsk business world. 

Employees of Becker Mining Systems RUS were happy to take part in the festive event. BMS RUS was a part of the column named Progressive Novokuznetsk, which consisted of 13 industrial enterprises of the city. It was the first experience of mass march and representation of the company on the city level for BMS RUS. On this day, employees experienced positive emotions and had a chance to communicate with colleagues in informal surroundings. We are sure that the march on the City Day is going to become our good tradition, and next year BMS RUS will take part in the celebration of the city’s 400th birthday.

SmartBlast® System in the International Mi...

Our remote blasting system SmartBlast® of Becker Varis Ltd. has been featured in this month's August issue of International Mining Magazine.

"Becker Varis Ltd. is a leader in underground blasting systems through its SmartBlast® product line. Working in conjunction with the Leaky Feeder system, using the latest microprocessor and message encoding and validation technology –SmartBlast® provides a safe, reliable and accurate remote blast initiation system."





The key features of our SmartBlast® system include:

  • PC based controlled or remote controlled
  • Maximum capacity of 64 remote units
  • Seismic Monitoring
  • Programmable firing sequence


Exclusively attached for our visitors you'll find the "Explosives and Delivery" article of this month's issue of the International Mining Magazine (IM). For a full version of the August issue please contact lynne@im-mining.com or emma@im-mining.com


(You may want to start reading just above left of our SmartBlast® firing devices on page 1)